Buying a 5th wheel is a big investment so you want to make sure you’re spending your money on a vehicle that will see you through many years of adventuring. BOP RV import quality Keystone Cougar 5th wheels and retrofit them specifically to suit New Zealand conditions so you can feel comfortable knowing your 5th wheel will go the distance.


Why buy a 5th Wheel?

So why choose a 5th wheel over a caravan or traditional RV? For starters, the difference in weight distribution of a 5th wheel over the tow vehicle is significantly different from that of a caravan towed by any vehicle.

With a 5th wheel trailer, 20% of the trailers weight is carried over the axles of the tow vehicle by means of a hitch attachment (the 5th wheel), as opposed to a standard tow ball. The result is superior towing and comfort as it eliminates the sway and movement expected when towing a caravan directly from the tow ball.

A common 5th Wheel hitch attachment.

A typical 5th wheel hitch attachment.

This method of towing also significantly reduces your overall length of ute and trailer — a reduction of approximately 3 metres is generally achieved. While you have the use of a large living spaced trailer, you are not having to deal with that length on the road.

With a 5th wheel you also have the ultimate in flexibility. You’re able to set up camp in minutes, unhitch your ute and you immediately have the independent use of your vehicle back for day trips, shopping etc…

When your 5th wheel is not in use, the hitch can be removed (as easy as pulling 4  pins) thus giving you back full use of the ute’s deck. Your recreational vehicle can then be returned to work use or daily requirements. Versatility is the key — the need of tying up money in a vehicle that only has recreational value is totally eliminated. This is an increasing demand by many New Zealanders.

A wide range of Japanese utes are now readily available for towing these 5th wheels. Ford Rangers, Mazda BT-50’s, Holden Colorado’s and Isuzu D-Max utes are all suitable tow vehicles.


Why buy a Keystone Cougar from BOP RV?

Keystone is the #1 manufacturer of recreational vehicles in North America and is the largest manufacturer of tow-able RV’s. Over the many years of delivering RV’s into this discerning market they have built a foundation of trust and dependability. This has resulted in RV buyers across the US making Keystone Cougar #1 in its class for 11 straight years. They are #1 selling 5th wheel in their class because they offer the most value for money. They provide the storage, comfort and convenience that customers want in a 5th wheel as well as offering you more features, more innovation and higher quality while still maintaining affordability. It is Keystone’s goal to give every Cougar a residential look and feel with added features that you and your family will appreciate. Cougars are leaders in their class with their pass through storage, accessible pantries, deep pot and pan drawers, interior storage and all opening windows, even in the slide outs.
Towing a Cougar 5th wheel is a pleasure with the upgraded WOR/RYDE/CRE/3000 suspension system. The upgraded suspension system has vibration dampening ability and vertical travel which allows the suspension system to absorb bumps and eliminate road vibration. The camper will not bounce around during travel making for smooth towing.Keystone Cougar


With the introduction of Keystone RV Company’s Max Turn Technology there is no more worrying about backing up or turning with your 5th wheel. Increased turning radius and ease of maneuverability is just another great innovation from North America’s leading 5th wheel manufacturer. In a nutshell, Max Turn Technology means that turning in the tightest of campsites with your Cougar 5th wheel has never been easier (or less stressful!)

Key Max Turn Technology benefits:

  • Integrated frame and front cap design
  • 79 degree ute – 5th wheel turning radius
  • 1-piece front design for maximum strength and maneuverability.


Hitch Vision was developed and patented by Cougar to eliminate the need to look back, turn or strain to see the 5th wheel when backing up and lining up a 5th wheel and ute. A built-in mirror and dual automotive LED docking lights are all you need to align your ute to a Cougar’s extended hitch pin. This can be controlled by the Cougar multi function remote, a remote control providing a convenient way to control your docking lights, electric slide-outs, landing gear and electric awning! The ability to raise or lower your landing gear by remote eliminates the need to leave your tow vehicle while backing onto your hitch pin, making for the easiest possible means of alignment.


Cougars are the #1 selling 5th wheel in America — and they’re also the #1 seller in Canada because of the polar package which comes standard in all their 5th wheels. The Polar package plus gives you a completely wrapped and heated underbelly and upgraded insulation in the walls, ceiling and floor. This gives them a rating of “guaranteed no freeze to -17 degrees Celsius.” This enables RVer’s to extend their camping season and not be limited by weather conditions.


They’re the complete package for Kiwi RV enthusiasts

All of the above and the many more available features are why Keystone Cougar stood out from the crowd to us and why we decided they were the class of RV we would offer to the New Zealand public. We have been proven correct with sales exceeding our expectations and our customers response to these RVs. We have found the superior quality and affordability being the key selling points.

View the Keystone Cougar PDF (7.7Mb) for more details on what Keystone can offer you.

If you’re considering a 5th wheel, come see BOP RV and let Nick or John convince you of the numerous benefits.